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  • Seam separation
  • Damage from liquid marks and rings
  • Damaged zippers

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Sydney Feather 2.0 Sectional Sofa - Beige

Sale price$1,449.95 Regular price$4,500.00
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Color: Beige
Size: 88 Inch


Side: Facing Left


Extra Warranty Options

Protection Details
$149.99 USD
$179.99 USD
$225.99 USD
$179.99 USD
$215.99 USD
$269.99 USD
$199.99 USD
$236.99 USD
$299.99 USD
$249.99 USD
$299.99 USD
$375.99 USD

Comfortable and Stylish

The Sydney Feather Sofa delivers an extraordinary level of softness and luxury. As you take a seat, you'll immediately notice the exceptional comfort as the high-quality feather-filled cushions conform to your body, providing a supportive yet plush surface. This sofa allows you to sink gently into its embrace, offering a comforting and enveloping feel that makes it the perfect place to unwind.


Crafted with water-resistant fabrics, our sofas provide exceptional protection against spills and accidents. This feature ensures that liquids do not penetrate the surface, allowing you to easily wipe them away with a damp cloth before they stain. Ideal for families with children or pets, our water-resistant sofas keep your living space pristine and worry-free, preserving the look and integrity of your furniture over time.

Cloud-like Comfort

The Sydney Feather Sofa is designed to offer a luxuriously soft, cloud-like feel, thanks to its high-quality feather-filled cushions. Each cushion provides a gentle bounce and an ultra-plush texture that invites relaxation. The unique sensation of sinking into these cushions and being cradled by the sumptuous softness of the feathers makes sitting on this sofa a truly exceptional and soothing experience for anyone.

Machine Washable

Our sofas feature removable covers that are designed for easy maintenance. Perfect for busy households, these covers are fully machine washable, allowing you to keep your furniture looking fresh and clean with minimal effort. Simply remove the covers and wash them in your home washing machine to remove dirt and stains effectively, ensuring your sofa always looks its best.

From Workshop to Living Room

Experience unparalleled elegance with our products, meticulously crafted and delivered directly from our workshop to your home. We've eliminated the middleman to ensure you enjoy luxury and quality without the luxury price tag. Our commitment is unwavering: to provide you with exceptional value and a touch of class, directly. Embrace the bold, indulge in the best - choose our brand for a premium experience in every category.

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